About Aethusa Cynapium


Botanical: Aethusa cynapium.
Family: Umbelliferae

It has a fusiform root and a smooth hollow branched stem growing to about 80 cm high, with much divided (ternately pinnate) smooth leaves with an unpleasant smell, and small compound umbels of small irregular white flowers. It is related to Hemlock and Water-dropwort and like them is poisonous, though less so than Hemlock.

This Plant is cultivated in native to Europe, western Asia and northwest Africa.

Part Used:----

Chemical Constituents:----
The active principle is an alkaloid, Cynopine.

Medicinal Action and Uses:----
Though poisonous, the plant is less so than hemlock.It is used medicinally as a stomachic and sedative for gastro-intestinal troubles in children, for summer diarrhoea and cholera infantum.

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