Use of Mother Tinctures in Homeopathy Page--1

Acne :-

Chrysarobinum :: Locally as a cerate, 4-8 grains to the ounce, of vaseline.
Echinacea :: Can be applied on face mixed with any facial cream. 


Cinnamonum :: 3-4 drops in 2 quarts of water and should be used as a douche.
Echinacea ::  Bed sores, Carbuncles, Insect-bites, Gangrene.


Adrenalin ::  To plug the internal bleeding surface, as in epistaxis to stop the bleeding immediately. 1 : 1000 solution.
Ferrum Phos :: To arrest bleeding. Hæmorrhages are bright red and occur in pale, anæmic subjects liable to local congestions.

Burns and scalds:-

Apis Mellifica :: With burning and stinging.
Cantharis :: Relieves raw burning pain and promotes healing, covers acute nephritis. One gram of the tincture to one ounce of water is to be applied externally.
Momordica Balsamina :: Used externally as a liniment and poultice.


Scrophularia Nodosa :: For cancerous glands locally.
Citric Acid :: Used as a mouth wash for cancer pains.
Lupulus :: Painful cancer.


Badiaga :: Dandruff where scalp is dry, sore, tetter-like.
Cochleria Armoracia :: When applied locally, it cures dandruff.

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