Use of Mother Tinctures in Homeopathy Page--2


Chrysarobinum :: Where the eruptions are crusty, under which pus oozes.
Ichthyolum :: Chronic eczema, scaly and itching.


Apis Mellifica :: Sensitiveness and swelling of skin with rosy hue.
Cantharis ::  Vesicular type with burning and itching.
Mag Sulph :: Apply locally a saturated solution. Acts as an antiphlogistic and antipruritic.

Fissures :-

Hamamelis :: Use distilled extract locally.
Ratanhia :: With great constriction of anus and knife-like stitches.


Chrysarobinum :: Crusty eruptions which tend to become confluent.
Ichthyolum :: Externally used as an ointment with Lanoline 20 to 50 per cent.

Chrysarobinum :: Of the scalp.
Oleum Jecoris :: Locally in ring-worm and nightly rubbing. Apply plain oil at bedtime. Before application the part must be washed well with soft soap.

Scabies :- 

Balsamum Peru :: Apply locally a solution prepared in the ratio of 1:40 . All parts are gently rubbed with it at night and a bath taken in the morning.
Ichthyolum :: Apply externally.

Sore nipples:-

Eupatorium Aromaticum :: Tincture should be applied locally.
Graphites :: Locally used as a cerate.


Alstonia Scholaris :: Should be used externally.
Hydrastis Canadensis :: Locally apply tincture or fluid extract.


Calendula Officinalis :: Burns, sores, fissures and abrasions. Promotes granulation and prevents scars.
Sempervivum Tectorum :: Bites of insects, bee stings, poisoned wounds.
Cistus Canadensis :: Poisonous wounds. Bites.

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