Case 1

A lady, 52, owner of a luxury underwear shop, appears very sexy, laughing, joking, very communicative, but it seems to be a mask. She doesn't want to go to doctors. "I want to do my things by my own." Uterine fibroma, which is pressing on the bladder, yet she doesn't want it operated. "I can feel the
pain, I can endure it, this is not the problem. I don't want to be intoxicated, poisoned by the operation." Frequent urination. Loses urine after every urination, it is dropping, unfinished sensation, sometimes also pain, burning, but no infection, it feels like a foreign body. Conjunctivitis for many years, eyes get red with yellow discharge. Offensive pus, even as little girl, eyes sensitive to light, much burning, much better at seaside. "My former homeopathic doctor gave me Nat-m, she seemed to have tried to 'keep me in the salt' (pickle me, preserve me). It only helped for my dry lips and throat. I always have a lump in my throat, I am not able to put it out, even if I drink a lot. It has improved with vitamin A." "I don't like to become cold, that's why I took vitamin A, I have the idea of conservation inside of me, I dream about mummies and other things that are conserved. In my dreams these are beautiful corpses like statues, they are a good memory of the external. The only problem about dead bodies is their smell, I hate bad odors, especially if they come from me. I have to confess
that I have the idea that there is something living in these bodies, a mind that is resisting, and the mind of people that look at you make you be alive."
Another recurrent dream: "Some men are standing in a circle, I am rolling from one to the other as if I were a ball that they are passing, I am excited like in an orgy, at the end it seems to be only one man, with different images, the dreams are my escape, even with my eyes open. I think of great maneuvers, of market strategies with beautiful men." "The seaside is my natural environment, I feel at home here. Previously I had many troubles with my throat and ears, which were better at the seaside, I used to have swollen neck glands, I fainted very often, I always cough when there are conflicts or when somebody is approaching me, the cough feels as if starting from the stomach, I get gastric pain and nausea if I cough too much."

Rx: ???? 200C
After 3 weeks:
severe conjunctivitis, which went away after 10 days
After 2 months:
Very happy, all is going better "after this purge."
Urine: less often, especially during night, less nervous than before, cough better, less fear of
growing old, better digestion
Dream: "I fought with a strange entity with enormous teeth, it wanted to bite me, not a threat but a game, it was satisfying to win against it. It was magic stuff, I could petrify it with its teeth fixed to the ground so that it could not move. There it stayed to remind everyone that it was not possible to touch me without pain." Case is doing well after more than 2 years of follow up.
"I dream about mummies and other things that are conserved

SOLUTION to case 1:

Eryngium aquaticum lives close to the water cough as if from stomach
dryness, urination frequent, dribbling, as if retention in urethra
unsatisfactory urination, bladder, urine, dribbling by drops after urination
seashore >
urination, morbid desire, frequent
throat, lump sensation, foreign body
eyes, discharge, yellow
dryness throat, face
dreams of embalmed bodies, body parts
Eryngium was used in ancient times for embalming, to give good smell, ritual importance in
Eryngium patients have very good energy in the morning, very optimistic and strong in the morning cheerful in the morning, eccentricity in dressing.

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