Case 2

Lady, 34, nice but sloppy appearance, pale, slight exopthalmus (bulging eyes), laughs, crosses her arms: "So what are you going to do...?"
Very critical about all the doctors, has frequently an expression of disgust on her face, especially when talking about her childhood. Swallows often when talking.
Hyperthyreosis. "I got sick suddenly 2 years ago, coming back from a vacation, I lost a lot of weight, had a cardiac crisis." Talks very fast.
"At that time they wanted to fire me at the job, but it was not so difficult for me. Six months before that I had an artificial abortion, which touched me very strongly, I am dwelling on it. Nobody was helping me at this time, I went to the hospital alone, cried a lot, I was obliged to do that, had strong anxiety of consciousness, nobody could tell me if I was doing the right thing. I got two different advises, nobody told me what kind of remorse you can have afterwards. My partner didn't feel responsible for that, he is a business man, doesn't want to have children." "In my youth I had constant pain in the throat, always used antibiotics, very offensive discharges on my tonsils, I could squeeze them out, I often lose my voice, I cough every time I have pain in the throat, the cough comes from the throat." "I am sensitive to humidity, to A/C, everything that passes my throat hurts me. My first symptom always is that I am not able to talk, and then the sensation that something is rising from the throat
or the stomach. Who knows what happens to the food in the belly (disgust)."
"For the last 15 years I had mycosis on my nails, they dissolve, get yellow."
"I don't like to feel any kind of pain, if I don't think of it, it goes away, I take away the attention and it goes away. At 6 years I had an appendicitis and was operated urgently, there was already peritonitis, I should have had pain, but decided not to feel it." "For years I didn't care about food, it was just something to survive. Since my partner cooks I appreciate it more. Aversion to meat since I had hepatitis as a child." Dreams: "I always fight a lot in different ages. I am always dressed as they used to be in that age, adventures like in the movies, I jump from the balcony, I dream the dream again and again. I like this dream of being very strong, I go to sleep and I am very anxious to dream also with my eyes open. I imagine a nice situation of power, I am a wonderful woman or an athlete, even if I am alone I am not alone because I start to dream. From the bad relation with my husband I escape by dreaming." "I have no relation with my parents, I never saw my father, for that I hate my mother, they divorced after my birth, my mother washed my brain about my father. I always lived with my
other, she taught me to hate every man. One day she left the house with a lover, I was 19, she just left me alone, since then there is total distance between us. I like to work, I like to wake up with the idea of doing something."
Rx: ??? 10M
After 3 months:
"What have you given me?" No pains in the throat any more, much calmer, my face feels more relaxed, the mycosis of the nails is gone, no fighting in the dreams any more. "It is difficult for me to receive commands, that's a problem of my character, I hate it, when they make me feel that I am a kind of slave, I like to have someone above me who understands me." Relation with husband: he doesn't want to talk, he is only in his work and career, I want a baby.
Rx: Placebo.
After 7 months:
"OK, no cough , there are eructation from the stomach, I imagine a cloaca there. I quarrel a lot with my husband. My only problem: every night is like a sauna, I sweat a lot, but I sleep well, no fantasies any more. My life was full of rituals, slowly I am losing the necessity to do these rituals.There is a great heaviness in my legs, my mother had varicosis like branches of a tree." Patient is pregnant. Dreams: "The face of a virgin coming from the water three times like a ritual, we looked at each other, I put a piece of bread into the water until the image dissolves. "I don't like to feel any pain. If I don't think of it, it goes away."

SOLUTION of case 2: Conium
This is not a typical Conium case, that's why I selected it. Conium comes from the Greek word for vertigo. The numbness/painless rubrics of this case may,
in other cases, also be present at the mental level. The dwelling of Nat-m or Ign is transformed by Conium into a chronic physical disease. All the Umbelliferae have problems in their communication, are not attentive, escape, dullness, general sense of numbness (also as an incapacity to speak, the consciousness is active but they cannot express. No perception of the body, can appear dull.
Sense of a weight of a lump, heaviness in lower limbs, picture of a person that doesn't like to move, very conservative, preserves the situations as they are.
The legend about Conium has to do with grief and guilt. Goats can eat Conium without getting poisoned, they are the symbol for the devil. Conium smells awful (similar to mice, rats) Many symptoms rising from the stomach All the senses are affected, no hearing, seeing, smelling Fanatic own ideas Mortification
Lack of reaction Yellow discharge.

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