Case 3

Lady, 32, calls very urgently, wants to be seen now. Then she gets an appointment and just doesn't appear, she would not have got another appointment, but she called again using another name.
Eight months into her first pregnancy there was a problem with the milk and so now she wants to make sure that she will have enough milk. "When I drink wine I cannot sleep, I love beer." Very loquacious, jumping from one subject to the other. Allergic coryza, worse every year, itching eyes, asthmatic attacks, better at seaside. "My asthma is completely different from that of other people. When I inhale I feel I could faint. I am always restless and excited. I have had a cold since the beginning of the pregnancy and have taken antibiotics for weeks." Each morning great effort to get out the tenacious catarrh. "I cannot talk correctly because of swallowing that dirty stuff. I have to concentrate to get rid of it. My breast is all constricted, circulatory problems. I have a problem of fragility of the capillaries in my legs (not objectively). I have great pain in the legs, have to turn many times in the bed. Then I am afraid because I can't feel my legs anymore. A sensation as if they were not my legs. When I uncovered them I was frightened, as if they were the legs of my unborn daughter. I feel better when I move, I walk and walk." "I fainted several times when I was a girl. The first pregnancy was very good. During labor I had strange feelings about that stuff that was coming out, as if it were not mine. I am worried that I
might not be able to manage with two kids." "Before menses the breast is swollen. I always try to hide the huge breast. Men are always thinking of the breast of their mothers. For me it is very uncomfortable to think of the dark and narrow place, the uterus."
"I wanted to become a veterinarian. The sufferings of the animals touch me more than the people's, but I didn't want to be supported by my parents. Since I had my daughter I don't go close to animals. They are not clean. I am afraid of sitting hens. Animals are unpredictable because they must protect their babies." "I talk in dreams. Repetitive dreams of people dying. At 15 I had a big crisis, because a good friend of mine died in a car accident. You don't know what happens after death, but the worst are people who remain behind. I don't like to go to the cemetery, coffins threaten me. I prefer to be dug into the earth. There you can breath better then in a coffin." Compulsive: has to repeat things three times. "As an adolescent I fainted repeatedly after drinking wine. When I cannot urinate for some reason, I have to run. Otherwise I faint. I get an urgent desire when I am nervous."
Rx: ??? 10M
After 3 days occurred an asthmatic crisis, during which she had to take the remedy daily for 7 days. No asthma ever since. Delivery in one hour. With 7 months the baby refused milk and patient got mastitis. The same remedy in a 10M potency cured the next day.
After 1 year:
Asthma OK.
"My mother just married my father to get rich. She let herself get pregnant, then she betrayed him, left the house and us kids. We had an army of abysitters, one more Swiss than the other." Dream: "I was making a sauna in a cave with natural steam. I was afraid not to be able to endure the sulfur smell. When I had to urinate there was no bathroom. Another mother was entering with a small baby, which evacuated. The mother took the stool and put it into a hole, cooking it. The small baby prayed. I was afraid it could burn, but it looked down the stairs. There was a circle of people who were doing the fire. The grotto was in the mountains. I said good bye to them: 'you are not going to cheat me anymore, my mother is from Naples and all cheat from there.'" "Then I am afraid because I can't feel my legs any more. A sensation as if they were not my legs."

SOLUTION of case 3: Sumbulus
Flushes of heat
Numbness of parts lain on
Ailments from excitement
Hysteria with fainting
Rectum, urgent desire
Bladder, urgent desire
Pain in mammae on inspiration
Difficult inspiration

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