This term is used generally to describe increased frequency of urination with pain, but cystitis proper is inflammation of the bladder due to infection from the bowel. It may be accompanied

by fever and a burning sensation when urinating. Cystitis mainly affects women; the female urethra is short and easily invaded by germs. The condition may be exacerbated by stress, antibiotics, contraceptives, poor diet, food allergy, poor personal hygiene, tights or underwear, and sexual intercourse.


Increase the alkalinity of the urine by drinking 10 fl oz (300 ml) of cold water every 20 minutes. Avoid tea, coffee, and alcohol. Cystitis may be aggravated by some foods, such as asparagus, beets, citrus fruits, strawberries, milk, ice cream, spicy foods, and junk foods. Never suppress the urge to urinate, and be scrupulous about personal hygiene. Avoid using tampons, douches, and perfumed bath products. Use lubrication during sexual intercourse. Urinate after intercourse.


If there is pain in the kidneys or blood in the urine, or if an attack lasts for more than 48 hours, see a doctor. 

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