Nerve pain may occur anywhere in the body but is most commonly associated with nerves providing sensation to the face, mouth, nose, upper eyelids, sinuses, and scalp. Neuralgia consists of a severe, shooting pain on one side of the face that lasts for seconds or minutes. The pain may be linked to infection of the sinuses, ears, or teeth, but often the cause is unknown. It may be referred pain, which is felt in a different area from the location of infection, for example, but in an area that is served by a different branch of the same nerve. Nerves are very sensitive, and neuralgia can be triggered by touch, pressure, chewing, or drafts. It is common in people over 70, in whom it may result from nerve damage.


Hold a covered hot-water bottle against the affected area. Try breathing techniques  to relax the muscles and hence relieve pressure on the nerves.


If there is no improvement within two weeks,

consult a doctor.

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