A Simple Guide To Palpitations, (Fast Heart Beats) Diagnosis, Treatment And Related Conditions


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Discomfort is common during the first few days of a menstrual period. Symptoms include a dull ache in the lower back or abdomen, or severe abdominal cramps. Pain may be exacerbated by stress, but may improve after childbirth or once a woman reaches her thirties. Sudden pain after years of pain-free periods may indicate pelvic infection, endometriosis (formation of cysts in the pelvic cavity from bleeding fragments of uterus lining) or fibroids. The use of intrauterine devices or coming off the contraceptive pill can also result in painful menstruation.
Eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. Get plenty of exercise and lose weight if you need to. Between periods, take the occasional short, cold bath; during the week before a period, take a long, hot bath every other night. A physiotherapist or osteopath  may be able to relieve associated back pain.
If periods are consistently more painful, see a doctor.

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