With age, the skin loses elasticity and plumpness. It becomes thin, and tiny blood vessels that are nearer the surface as a result are easily damaged. This causes bruising and discoloration, which commonly occur on the backs of the hands, forearms, and lower legs. The discoloration fades but never disappears. The skin may develop pigmented patches, possibly due to faulty fat metabolism. Itchy skin is common with age, and is often due to dryness, eczema , or dermatitis (inflammation of the skin).
Extra vitamin C and the application of arnica ointment may lessen bruising, while extra vitamin E may help to reduce the impact of pigmented patches.
If a pigmented patch that is more than 1/3 in (1 cm) in  diameter becomes larger, inflamed, or encrusted, develops an irregular, notched outline or a dark area within it, or itches, oozes, or bleeds, consult a doctor.

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