This term describes pain that is transmitted along the sciatic nerve, the principal nerve in the leg and is connected to nerves in the pelvis and spine. Sciatica pain in the distribution of the sciatic nerve may be felt in the thigh or buttock and below the knee. It is usually referred pain from the nerve root or from an abnormal joint such as degeneration of a disk from osteoarthritis or from a prolapsed intervertebral disk, or from spinal stenosis. Sciatic pain is exacerbated by bending, sneezing, or coughing. 

Osteopathy, physiotherapy, or acupuncture may relieve the condition. Rest the back well by lying .at on a fairly hard mattress with a .rm pad 2–3 in (5–7 cm) thick beneath the head. Try placing a hot-water bottle on the affected area. Learn how to lift and carry heavy objects correctly. Swimming may be benecial.

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