Problems with erection may result from physical causes, for example injury or surgery to the genitals or spine; from chronic illnesses such as diabetes; from nervous disorders; or from taking
drugs, either medically prescribed or recreational, or alcohol. Erectile dysfunction may also occur because of tiredness, or a lack of appropriate stimulation. Most physical problems occur because there is an insuf´Čücient supply of blood to the penis. The stresses of modern life or anxiety about sexual intercourse may further inhibit the ability to initiate or sustain an erection.


To reduce the psychological problems that may accompany erectile dysfunction, try to maintain a relaxed state of mind when making love. Forget about penetrative sexual intercourse for a while and concentrate on giving and receiving pleasure in areas of the body  other than the genitals.


If symptoms persist, see a doctor.

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Dr.sam said...

The chances of contracting erectile dysfunction goes up substantially with age, increasing significantly above the age of sixty-five-which is rapidly approaching for the baby boomers. Although erectile dysfunction becomes more likely with advancing age, there is certainly no age cutoff for a sexually fulfilling life. Some men enjoy sexual activity even in their eighties and nineties.