Pain is experienced in childbirth as result of contractions of the uterus that move the baby down the birth canal during labor. For most women labor is a painful business; for some it is excruciating. This may be because they have great sensitivity to pain or because the fetus is positioned in such a way that the uterus has to work harder than is usual in order to push the baby out. Labor pains may be exacerbated by exhaustion, fear, anxiety, and sometimes anger. Homeopathic treatment aims to calm the emotions as well as to relieve pain and exhaustion.


Learn psycho-prophylactic techniques (preventative measures that combine positive thinking and constructive breathing) at prenatal classes. These may help you to restore a feeling of control in what can be a frightening situation. If you are extremely sensitive to pain, learn other relaxation techniques and consider acupuncture or hypnotherapy.  

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